If you are trying to call us from an internal State telephone: We have been told that our telephone number may have to be dialed as though you were calling someone outside the State offices, 9-287-HELP(4357), until we are updated with new VOIP phones. We very sorry for the confusion. In case of an emergency, you can always dial 911.

Phone: 207-287-HELP (4357)

Fax: 207-287-6212

The Capitol Police main office is located on the first floor of 111 Sewall Street, Cross Building, in Suite 111. Our office hours are 8:00 am until 4:00 pm Monday through Friday, although officers are available 24/7 by calling our number and requesting an officer.

Our mailing address is:

Capitol Police
68 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0068

In addition to individual emails, our general email is CapitolPolice@Maine.Gov

Please do not e-mail us time sensitive information as our email is not monitored constantly. It is best to give us a call even if it is after hours.

Capitol Police Staff Directory

Position Name Email Telephone Number
Chief of Police Matthew M. Clancy Matthew.M.Clancy@Maine.Gov 207-287-4357
Lieutenant Steven M. Trahan Steven.M.Trahan@Maine.Gov 207-287-4357
Sergeant Bryant E. LaVerdiere Bryant.E.LaVerdiere@Maine.Gov 207-287-4357
Officer Gary J. Boulet Gary.J.Boulet@Maine.Gov 207-287-4357
Officer Alan J. Carr Alan.J.Carr@Maine.Gov 207-287-4357
Officer Daniel L. Cook Daniel.L.Cook@Maine.Gov 207-287-4357
Officer Robert S. Daigle Robert.Daigle@Maine.Gov 207-287-4357
Officer Ryan M. Frost Ryan.M.Frost@Maine.Gov 207-287-4357
Officer Jason T. LaVerdiere Jason.T.LaVerdiere@Maine.Gov 207-287-4357
Officer Tyler B. Richards Tyler.B.Richards@Maine.Gov 207-287-4357
Detective Peter A. Struck Peter.A.Struck@Maine.Gov  207-287-4357
Officer Justin R. Trask Justin.R.Trask@Maine.Gov 207-287-4357
Officer Alden L. Weigelt Alden.L.Weigelt@Maine.Gov  207-287-4357
Security Agent Craig Donahue  Craig.Donahue@Maine.Gov  207-287-4357
Security Agent Brandon W. Keene Brandon.W.Keene@Maine.Gov 207-287-4357
Security Agent Thomas J. Farrar Thomas.J.Farrar@Maine.Gov 207-287-4357
Security Agent Matthew T. Robinson Matthew.T.Robinson@Maine.Gov 207-287-4357
Security Guard Mark W. Leigh Mark.W.Leigh@Maine.Gov 207-287-4357
Security Guard Frederick C. Davidson Frederick.C.Davidson@Maine.Gov 207-287-4357
Administrative Assistant Beth A. Dawson Beth.A.Dawson@Maine.Gov 207-287-4358
Administrative Associate Beth E. Olsen Beth.E.Olsen@Maine.Gov 207-287-4357