Upon arrival, busses must enter the complex from State Street at the intersection with Union Street.  The images below show the route to be taken to the designated passenger drop off point near the west and south entrances to the State House. Your passengers will proceed to the west entrance to the State House which is the entrance to the common area between the State House and the Burton Cross building.

Bus Staging/Parking

Once all passengers have disembarked, busses must them proceed to the designated bus staging area located just across the street at 221 State Street.  The images below outline the route to arrive at the staging area. Busses are prohibited from parking within the immediate State House parking lots. Drivers must maintain contact via cell phone with the leadership of their passenger group. 


When the passenger group is fully assembled at the drop off/pick up location, then busses can proceed from the staging area to the pick-up point following the same route as outlined in the images. Busses will not be allowed to idle at the drop off/pick-up point for more than five minutes at a time.  Capitol Police officers take notice and will move busses in violation.

Drop Off and Pick Up

Loading/Unloading Area

West Entrance