If there is an emergency, call 911.

No one knows better what belongs, or does not belong, in an area than do the people who live or work there.  Those same residents or workers are the ones most likely to notice behavior or activity that is unusual or suspicious. Capitol Police want to hear from you if something just isn’t right.  We would rather investigate unusual circumstances that turn out to be fine a hundred times rather than miss something serious one time because someone didn’t call to report what they saw.

Reporting Suspicious Activity

To report suspicious activity please contact Capitol Police at: 207-287-HELP (4357)

Describe specifically what you observed, including:

  • Your name and how we can reach you
  • Who or what you saw
  • When you saw it
  • Where it occurred
  • Why it's suspicious

For more information about the See Something Say Something program, visit the Department of Homeland Security.

Reporting Criminal Activity

Call our office at 207-287- HELP (4357). Officers are available 24/7. Give us as much specific information as possible.

  • Your name and how we can reach you
  • Is anyone hurt?
  • What is happening? 
  • Where is it happening? Location? Street? Which building? What floor?
  • When did this occur? Is it happening now?
  • Who is committing the act? How many are there?
  • Do they have a weapon? Gun? Knife?
  • What do they look like? Height, weight, approximate age, gender, race, hair and eye color.
  • Distinguishing features or characteristics like a tattoo or limp? 
  • What are they wearing?
  • Are they still there?
  • Description of vehicle, plate number, type and color of vehicle.
  • What direction did they leave in?