Free Standing Call BoxThere are emergency call boxes located throughout the Capitol parking garage and parking areas on both campuses.  These boxes are mounted on buildings or poles and have highly visible blue lights affixed above them.  These call boxes can be utilized by anyone at the push of a button in an emergency or a critical situation to directly communicate with Capitol Police dispatch (Building Control) to summon assistance. Emergency call boxes are intended to act as an additional security precaution in public areas. Emergency Call Stations are treated the same as calling 9-1-1 and offer two-way communication.

To Operate: Face the front of the Emergency Call Station. Press and release the red button marked "Push for Help." After you press the red button, the blue light will begin flashing and the station will automatically call the Building Control Center (BCC). When the BCC specialist responds identify yourself, the type of emergency and the type of assistance requested. The Emergency Call Station will automatically identify your location and Emergency Services will be dispatched immediately to the location of the Emergency Call Station from which you called.

Emergency Call BoxAs you travel in and through the Capitol Area, please familiarize yourself with what these stations look like and where they are located so that you will be better prepared should the need arise to utilize them.  These highly visible and easily accessible phones are always available and can summon police assistance with the push of a button. 

Please also see information on our protective escort service.

Parking Garage

  • 1st floor at Capitol Street and Sewall Street pedestrian entrances
  • 2nd floor at Capitol Street pedestrian entrance
  • 3rd floor at Capitol Street pedestrian entrance

Parking Lots on the West Side Campus

  • South end of Parking Lot A (near State Street traffic signal)
  • Northwest end of Parking Lot A (near south entrance to State House)
  • South end of Parking Lot B (near Firefighters' Memorial)
  • Northeast end of Parking Lot C (at green space west of south entrance to Cross Building)
  • South end of Parking Lot C (located on a traffic island)

Emergency Call BoxParking Lots on the East Side Campus

  • 19 Elkins Lane (attached to the building)
  • East Side Wellness Center (one outside on the building and one inside the building)
  • 7 Chimney Loop (attached to the building) 
  • There are also emergency boxes located on the East Side Campus grounds in the parking lots.