Access to parking and State services for disabled people is a high priority to Capitol Police. Officers strictly enforce the laws covering disability spaces and access aisles. Parking on the hashed off (striped) aisle spaces is illegal -- even by people with disability plates.  We strictly enforce this law so that the striped spaces can be used as intended for people with ramps or other access needs.

The general disability parking situation in the State House Complex is regularly monitored and reviewed by the Bureau of Capitol Police.  There are over 50 disability spaces in the complex area, and while that number is usually sufficient to meet the needs of disabled people looking to park here, there are rare times that all the spaces do fill up.  Capitol Police routinely count the number of spaces being utilized and try, when possible, to make adjustments to the number of spaces reserved.

If you need a Disability Placard, visit the Department of Motor Vehicles webpage for the Disability Placards Application (PDF). You and your doctor complete the application then send it to the address on the application. If you work on one of our Augusta properties, Capitol Police can pick-up the placard application from you and deliver it to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles for you as a courtesy.