Police Officers Doing Active Threat Training

If an active shooter was in your vicinity, would you be prepared both mentally and physically to deal with the situation? Don’t become a statistic. Have a plan.

The Department of Homeland Security and other sources have important information about how to respond to an active shooter or other threat while you are work. But did you know that Capitol Police Officer Jason LaVerdiere teaches a class on how to respond to an active shooter in your State of Maine workplace?  You can learn the basics including when you should run or hide or fight, and how to decide what to do if you are faced with this situation. Additionally, you can get information about creating an action plan for your team and learn what the signs of potential workplace violence might look like.  Officer LaVerdiere discusses the profile of an active shooter and what warnings to be aware of. If your State of Maine department or agency hasn’t had this training yet, consider scheduling a class. 

To check out the Department of Homeland Security webpage, click here. It has information for citizens, human resources, security personnel, and first responders.