Section 67, Nursing Facilities (NFs) Draft Rate Methodology (Part 1 & 2): Presented Materials and Comment Deadline

On March 7 and 8, 2024, MaineCare held a two-part, online public meeting with its vendor, Guidehouse, to present the recommended draft rate methodology and rationale for NFs. Interested parties asked questions and made public comments during these forums.    

The PowerPoint presentations and video recordings of the meetings have been posted on our Rate System Reform website:  

Part 1: Direct care components of the rate, including case mix adjustment; specialty care models, and transitional "guardrails" approach (Presentation & Recording

Part 2: Remaining routine and capital components and a draft value-based payment approach (Presentation & Recording) )  

Our vendor will accept written comments until March 25, 2024. Comments can be submitted through a Microsoft Forms Survey at the following links: Maine Provider Comment Survey - Meeting 1 ( and Meeting 2 ( These pages allow submission of comments related to the specific topics covered. The Department will respond in writing to comments with an explanation of how the feedback was incorporated or why it was not. 

As providers and interested stakeholders, your feedback is important during the rate determination process. We encourage your participation. 

Questions on this process should be submitted to Dwayne Parsons, MaineCare’s Acting Manager of Rate Setting.  

This notice is sent pursuant to MRS Title 22, §3173-J

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