Electronic Visit Verification (EVV): Weekly Billers of Home Health and Hospice services and EVV Training and Forms

In preparation for EVV editing, providers must ensure billing software is configured to have individual dates of service on separate claim lines so they match up with a verified EVV record when claims are submitted as a batch file into the Health PAS Online Portal. 

Providers who “span” bill should only do so when the services are consecutive. For example, you should only bill from January 1, 2023 – January 7, 2023, when services are provided on each day of the week. If members are receiving services on non-consecutive dates such as Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, you should not span bill; otherwise, your claims will warn, then deny starting January 1, 2023, for no verified EVV record found on Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, or Thursday. You should submit a separate claim line for each date of service when the dates of service are not consecutive. 

The National Uniform Claim Committee (NUCC) has developed a 1500 Reference Instruction Manual detailing how to complete the claim form to help standardize nationally the way the form is being completed. Please see the Health Insurance Claim Form Reference Instruction Manual, which states:   

TITLE: Date(s) of Service [lines 1–6] 

INSTRUCTIONS: Enter date(s) of service, both the “From” and “To” dates. If there is only one date of service, enter that date under “From.” Leave “To” blank or re-enter “From” date. If grouping services, the place of service, procedure code, charges, and individual provider for each line must be identical for that service line. Grouping is allowed only for services on consecutive days. The number of days must correspond to the number of units in 24G. 


DESCRIPTION: “Days or Units” is the number of days corresponding to the dates entered in 24A or units as defined in CPT or HCPCS coding manual(s). 

For more information, see MaineCare’s EVV webpage

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