Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) Trainings and Forums

The federal deadline to implement the EVV requirements for Home Health providers delivering services under Section 40 and Hospice providers delivering services under Section 43 is January 1, 2023.  

With these EVV deadlines quickly approaching, we continue to offer weekly provider and aggregator trainings and forums. All trainings and forums are online via Microsoft Teams. 

NOTE:  The Absorb training system has been updated to allow providers to register for trainings and/or forums more than once. 

Training Topics 

Training topics include, but are not limited to: 

  • Accessing the Sandata EVV portal via the Health PAS Online Portal 

  • Performing EVV administrative functions such as creating and editing information for employees who will use the system 

  • Navigating through the Sandata EVV system 

  • Entering and editing visit records 

  • Recording visit data using other devices 

  • Accessing and reviewing reports  

  • Avoiding EVV visit exceptions 

Training Schedule 

Training - Provider 



November 17, 2022  


December 8, 2022 


December 22, 2022 


January 5, 2023 


January 12, 2023 



Training - Aggregator 



November 24, 2022 


December 29, 2022 


January 26, 2023 



You can register for these courses through the Absorb training platform. 

EVV Forums 

The purpose of the forums is to answer technical questions regarding the State EVV system and Alternate EVV System Integration process. 

If you are interested in implementing an Alternate EVV System, please invite your vendor partners to join the aggregator forums as well. 

Forum Schedule 

Forums - Provider 



December 6, 2022 


January 3, 2023 



You can register for the forums through the Absorb training platform. 

Forum Questions 

Please prepare questions in advance. Once the forum has started, questions can be submitted for review through the Teams chat feature at any time. Instructions on how to submit questions will be reviewed during the beginning of the forum. If you wish to submit questions, please be sure to use your computer to access the Teams chat. 

IMPORTANT: During the forum, please submit questions in the following format. 

  • NPI 

  • Contact Name 

  • Contact Phone Number/Email Address 

  • Question 

This information will help State and Gainwell staff to follow up with answers to your questions. The team will work to answer as many questions as possible during the call, but, due to time constraints, some questions may need to be addressed after the forum. If we cannot answer your question during the call, we will record your contact information and question(s), and follow-up afterward. 

Absorb First Time Users 

If you have not registered with the Absorb training platform, see the First Time User Guide for assistance. To access the guide, go to the Health PAS Online Portal and log into your TPA (Trading Partner Account). Next, click on the section called "Trading Partner User Training," and you will see the link to the First Time User Guide. 


See the EVV webpage for more information, including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). 

Please contact Provider Services with questions: 

  • Email MaineCare's EVV email box 

  • Call Provider Services at 1-866-690-5585, option 3