Attention Section 97, Appendix D, Private Non-Medical Institutions (PNMI): Rate Determination Initiation Notice for Therapeutic Foster Care Services

This bulletin provides notice that the Department has initiated a Rate Determination Process* for Therapeutic Foster Care services under Section 97, Appendix D, PNMI of the MaineCare Benefits Manual. MaineCare’s Rate Reform Unit will conduct this rate determination. The Office of Child and Family Services, in collaboration with the Office of MaineCare Services, is revising the service model which will inform the development of the draft rates consistent with the Department’s Children’s Behavioral Services plan.     

There will be opportunities for interested stakeholders to provide feedback and comment. Please watch for future notices. You may track the progress of this study on our MaineCare Rate System Reform webpage.    

Please contact Jessica Levesque, MaineCare’s Rate Setting Project Manager, for Therapeutic Foster Care Services, with any questions.     

*This notice is sent pursuant to Public Law 2021 Chapter 639.