Attention Providers of Section 2, Adult Family Care Homes: Draft Rate Model Public Review and Comment – (Rescheduled Date)


As outlined in our November 2, 2022, notice, MaineCare is holding an online public meeting to present draft rate models along with the rationales for the recommended models. The new date and time of this meeting is noted below.  


Providers of Adult Family Care Services – Present Draft Rates  

Date/Time: Thursday, January 12, 2023, 2:00PM – 3:00PM 


As providers and interested stakeholders, your feedback is important during the rate determination process. We encourage you to participate in these meetings as we discuss the draft rate model recommendations and collect feedback on these important changes.  

The models will be posted online, and the Department and its vendor will accept written comments. The Department will then respond in writing with an explanation of whether and how the feedback was incorporated into the final rate determination. The comment deadline will be shared at the meeting and will be noticed shortly thereafter.  

Please contact Jessica Levesque, MaineCare’s Rate Setting Project Manager, with any questions related to this determination process. 

This notice is being sent pursuant to Public Law 2022 Chapter 639 

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