Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

TANF provides cash assistance to families while they work towards becoming self-sufficient. Once enrolled in TANF you may also be eligible for help receiving job training and education.

Who may be eligible?

  • Families with dependent children living in their home
  • Pregnant women

The My Maine Connection portal also offers a prescreening tool that can help you find out if you may be eligible.

How do I apply?

Option 1: Apply online through My Maine Connection.

Option 2: Download and mail an application.

Office for Family Independence
114 Corn Shop Lane
Farmington, ME 04938

Option 3: E-mail an application to Farmington.DHHS@Maine.gov

Option 4: Fax an application to (207) 778-8429.

Option 5: Visit one of our district offices and apply in person.


Call 1-855-797-4357 (Monday – Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm).

Other TANF Programs


The ASPIRE program helps TANF recipients move towards financial independence through case management, job training, education, support and employment services.

Higher Opportunity for Pathways to Employment (HOPE)

HOPE helps Maine parents enroll in and complete training and education beyond high school by providing financial support for costs related to training and education. Learn more about the HOPE program.

Parents as Scholars (PaS)

A monthly benefit through TANF that helps parents working through a two- or four-year degree-granting education program.

Alternative Aid Assistance

Alternative Aid Assistance assists TANF eligible parents who need short term help to find or maintain employment. Voucher payments, equal to up to three months of TANF benefits, are made available to families to help them with employment related expenses and avoid the need for TANF benefits.

Emergency Assistance

Emergency Assistance provides voucher payments for children and their families whom are threatened by destitution or homelessness due to an emergency situation.

TANF Transitional Benefits

Transitional Child Care (TCC) can help former TANF recipients pay for work related child care.  Transitional Transportation (TT) can help working families pay for transportation related expenses for a period of time. Learn more about the TT program.