Fraud Investigation and Recovery Unit

What is Fraud and Abuse?

Fraud or attempted fraud involving funds administered by DHHS may include, for example:

  • A person not reporting an income source
  • A person incorrectly reporting who resides with them or failing to report being married
  • The misuse or trafficking in EBT funds. i.e. selling or trading your EBT card or allowing another to purchase items for themselves with your EBT card.

How to Report Fraud

If you are looking to report allegations of fraud, or attempted fraud, involving funds administered by Maine DHHS:

Option 1: Complete the Online Reporting Form

Option 2: Email

Option 3: Call the Fraud Hotline:

TTY: (207) 287-6948

What does the Fraud, Investigation and Recovery Unit do?

The Fraud, Investigation and Recovery Unit (FIRU) is authorized under 22 MRSA § 13 to investigate fraud, attempted fraud, commingling or misapplication of funds administered by the Department of Health and Human Services.

Tom Roth, Director of Fraud Operations.