DSER Proposed Rulemaking

10-144 C.M.R. 351, Chapter 2 – Definitions; Chapter 16 – Federal Income Tax Refund Offset; Chapter 17 – State Income Tax Refund Offset; Chapter 19 – Periodic Review and Modification of Support Orders Rule pages (Ch. 2, 16, 17, and 19) FactSheet   
Concise Summary: Chapter 2 – The definitions of “Arrears,” “Overdue Support” and “Past-due Support” were added to lend clarity to edited provisions of Chapters 16 and 17. Chapter 16 and 17 – Technical rulemaking to repair references to specific paragraphs in other Manual Chapters which were edited in a previous Rulemaking, resolve incorrect references to “welfare” vs. “non-welfare” cases, and simplify for easier readability. Chapter 19 is being abbreviated to contain only those provisions required by federal law, to prevent confusion with the provisions in Chapter 12.
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