Request an Order Review

How to Request a Review of your Child Support Order

Option 1: Call the Case Review Unit: 1-800-371-7179 (Maine only), or at 207-624-7830

Option 2: Submit the online form or email

Option 3: Send a mail request to:

Case Review Unit, DSER
11 SHS, 109 Capitol Street
Augusta, Maine 04333
Fax: 207-287-6882

Next Steps

After you have submitted a request to review your child support order it will be forwarded to one of our field offices for evaluation.

To determine whether present circumstances support order modification, the Division will need to obtain certain financial information from both parents and about certain expenses for the child or children covered by the order.

As soon as the review is complete, we will contact you with our findings.

Additional Information on the Order Review process

If the present court order or administrative decision is less than three years old, the amount of the child support obligation cannot be increased unless the Court or Administrative Hearing officer finds that the amount of the child support obligation under the Maine Child Support Guidelines is greater or less than the present obligation by more than 15%.

Although the Division's review may indicate that a legal action to increase your child support order should be started, it cannot guarantee success in the action or even that a decrease will not be ordered. The result will depend on what the Court or Administrative Hearing officer finds the facts to be after hearing both sides.