MaineCare rules have changed, and there are now free and low-cost health coverage options for more people in Maine.

MaineCare provides low-cost and free health insurance to Mainers who meet certain requirements, usually based on household income. MaineCare covers doctor visits, emergencies, substance use disorder treatment, prescription drugs, and more.


If your monthly income (before you pay taxes) is at or below these limits, you are probably eligible to enroll in MaineCare:

Household Size Pregnant Women (add 1 to household size for each baby expected) Children Young Adults (19-20) Adults (21-64)
1 $2,217 $1,676 $1,437
2 $3,016 $3,016 $2,269 $1,945
3 $3,804 $3,804 $2,862 $2,453
4 $4,593 $4,593 $3,455 $2,962
Each additional family member $789 $789 $594 $509

Even if you make more, you may still qualify for more limited coverage, and additional options are available for people with disabilities and certain health conditions, young adults who have been in foster care, and those who need long-term care. Please refer to the eligibility guidelines (Word) for detailed information about income limits for different MaineCare coverage categories.

If you need help understanding your options or applying for coverage, contact MaineCare's independent ombudsman, Consumers for Affordable Health Care, at 1-800-965-7476.


There are several ways to apply for MaineCare:

Online - The fastest route to apply is through My Maine Connection. If you apply online, make sure to save your confirmation number and a PDF copy of the application for your records.

By mail - Download the MaineCare Application (Word) and mail your completed application to: 114 Corn Shop Lane, Farmington, ME 04938.

In person - Visit a local DHHS Office For Family Independence (OFI) to apply in person. OFI offices are located throughout the state. To find your nearest office, visit the Office Finder webpage. Staff are available Monday-Friday from 8:00am-5:00pm to assist applicants, but due to high demand there may be a significant wait time.

Coverage and Benefits

MaineCare pays for medically necessary services, and the services that are covered depends on your MaineCare eligibility category. For more information about covered services and benefit packages, please review our MaineCare Member Handbook (PDF). Additional resources that may be helpful for new or potential MaineCare members can be found on our MaineCare Member webpage.

Contact Us

Eligibility Office - Contact the eligibility office at the Office for Family Independence to apply for MaineCare, ask eligibility questions, or to report name, address, income, and other household changes. You can go to My Maine Connection, or call: 1-855-797-4357.

MaineCare Member Services - Call MaineCare Member Services to find out what services are covered by MaineCare, how to find a MaineCare provider, or to ask questions about your benefit. They can be reached at: 1-800-977-6740, TTY: 711. You can also email

Pharmacy Help Desk - Contact the Pharmacy Help Desk for questions about prescription drug benefits, mail order options, and generic drugs.
Call: 1-866-796-2463, TTY: 711.

For more information on other health coverage options, visit our Health Insurance page.