EGAD Environmental Sampling Data Downloads

The Maine DEP GIS Unit, the Bureau of Remediation and Waste Management and the Bureau of Land and Water Quality are now providing statewide EGAD environmental sampling datasets for sites at your request. These files are provided in .csv format in order to provide the most cross-platform functionality for users. All files are zipped so you will need a tool such as WinZip to extract the individual .csv files.

Please allow up to two business days for your request to be processed. You will be notified via the email below when the request is complete.

If you have questions or problems using the data files please contact the EGAD Data Managers.

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Data File Guidelines:

  1. All downloadable files are zipped files containing comma seperated (.csv) files that can be imported to many spreadsheet and database applications.
  2. Be aware that some of these files are very large when they are unzipped and can consume large amounts of temporary space on your local drive.
  3. Many Microsoft users will be prompted to open .csv files in Excel which has row limit of 65,000. Many of these datafiles have more than 65,000 rows and will be truncated, sometimes without warning, when they are opened in Excel.
  4. There are two .csv files provided. One contains the site and sample location information and the other contains all the sample results. They can be joined using the SAMPLE_POINT_NUMBER field.
  5. When available the spatial coordinates have been provided for each sample location in Latitude/Longitude and UTM NAD83 Zone 19 coordinates. These can be used to import the data into GIS applications.
  6. Not all data stored in EGAD is provided to the public via these files because of privacy and/or data quality issues. If you want to inquire about additional data please contact the EGAD Data Managers.
  7. Data Disclaimer