Limited Partnerships

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Title 31, Ch. 19: Uniform Limited Partnership Act of 2007

Title 13, c.22-A, Maine Professional Service Corporation Act

Title 5, c.6-A, Model Registered Agents Act

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Forms and Fees

Important Notice: Form changes occur periodically to implement new requirements. Forms may be eliminated or revised, or new forms may be created. Before submitting forms to our office for filing, please be sure that you have the most recent version of forms.

  • Below is a list of forms and filing fees for filing Limited Partnerships with the Division of Corporations
  • All forms are provided in Acrobat (.PDF) format. If you wish to complete the forms on-screen, you need to download a version of the Adobe Reader by visiting the Adobe Website.  To use one of these fillable forms, simply complete on-screen, print and mail to our office together with the proper filing fee.
  • If you wish to save the completed form, you must have the full Adobe Acrobat package.

If you wish to pay for filing fees or other services offered by this Bureau with your credit card, you will be able to complete and return this "fillable" voucher with your request.

Credit Card Payment Voucher

Limited Partnerships (Title 31, chapter 19)

Please note: Not all of the new forms for limited partnerships have been posted to this page. If you need a form that is currently not listed, please contact our office at or by calling 207.624.7752.


Application for Reservation of Name



Notice of Transfer of Reserved Name


MLPA-2 (F)

Application for Registration of Name

$20.00 per month $200.00–Renewal

MLPA-3-CRA Statement of Appointment or Change of Commercial Agent
Commercial Clerk and Commercial Registered Agent (CRA) Search
MLPA-3-NCRA Statement of Appointment or Change of Noncommercial Agent
Commercial Clerk and Commercial Registered Agent (CRA) Search
MLPA-3A-NCRA Statement of Resignation of Noncommercial Agent $35.00


Statement of Intention to do Business under
an Assumed / Fictitious Name

$125.00–Assumed $40.00–Fictitious


Statement of Termination of an Assumed / Fictitious Name



Statement to Add / Delete / Change Location Where an Assumed Name Is Used in Maine


MLPA-6 Certificate of Limited Partnership
Small Business Resources
Commercial Clerk and Commercial Registered Agent (CRA) Search


Certificate of Limited Partnership - to be Attached to Articles of Merger or Articles of Conversion and Articles of Conversion Of Partnership (CONV-PART)
Commercial Clerk and Commercial Registered Agent (CRA) Search

See specific filing for applicable filing fee


Restated Certificate of Limited Partnership


MLPA-9 (D)

Certificate of Amendment
Certificate of Amendment - Change of Name or Address of a General Partner Only


Statement of Withdrawal of a Limited Partner


Statement of Dissociation


Articles of Merger


MLPA-11C (D)

Statement of Termination



MLPA-12-1 Application for Certificate of Authority to do Business to accompany Application for Transfer of Authority (See MBCA-12C) See specific filing for the applicable filing fee

MLPA-12A (F)

Application for Amended Certificate of Authority to Transact Business


MLPA-12B (F)

Notice of Cancellation of Certificate of Authority to Transact Business



Annual Report-Domestic
Annual Report-Foreign

$85.00 (D)
$150.00 (F)

Amended Annual Report

$85.00 (D)
$150.00 (F)

Application for the Use of an Indistinguishable Name


Statement of Correction         


MLPA-CONV Articles of Conversion See form for applicable filing fee
RO-E911 Notification of change in address by municipality or U.S. Postal Service No Fee
HO-E911 Notification of change in home office address by municipality or U.S. Postal Service No Fee

Revival (D)

Application for Certificate of Revival

See form for applicable filing fee

Statement of Appointment of Agent for Service of Process for a Nonfiling Domestic Entity or a Nonqualified Foreign Entity $100.00

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