General Partnerships

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Title 31, Ch. 17: Uniform Partnership Act

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Forms and Fees

  • This is a complete list of forms and filing fees for filing General Partnerships with the Division of Corporations.
  • All forms are provided in Acrobat (.PDF) format. If you wish to complete the forms on-screen, you need to download a version of the Adobe Reader by visiting the Adobe Website.  To use one of these fillable forms, simply complete on-screen, print and mail to our office together with the proper filing fee.
  • If you wish to save the completed form, you must have the full Adobe Acrobat package.

If you wish to pay for filing fees or other services offered by this Bureau with your credit card, you will be able to complete and return this "fillable" voucher with your request.

Credit Card Payment Voucher

General Partnerships (Title 31, chapter 17)


Statement of Dissociation

$ 20.00


Statement of Dissolution

$ 75.00


Articles of Conversion of Partnership


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