Cancelling Your Driver's License

  • To cancel your driver's license you must submit a Cancellation Request Form. The request must include a physical, mental, emotional, or vision reason for the request.  If you are already suspended or pending suspension for a non-medical reason, you will not be allowed to cancel your license until those requirements have been met.
  • Attach your current driver's license to this form and return it to:

    Secretary of State
    Bureau of Motor Vehicles
    Medical Review Unit
    29 State House Station
    Augusta, ME 04333-0029

  • A letter with the cancellation effective date will be mailed to you within a few days after your request has been processed.
  • Please note that once your license is cancelled, you will not be able to legally operate any motorized vehicle on public roads.
  • You may purchase a State of Maine Identification Card that can be used for identification purposes. You can purchase a State of Maine Identification Card at a Motor Vehicle Branch Office or Mobile Unit. At the time of purchase, you must provide proof of legal presence and Maine residency if you have not previously done so. Fee information and locations of the Branch Offices and Mobile Units can be found at:

  • Fees:

  • To have your license reissued you must:
    • Submit a written request for reissuance of license.
    • Submit a favorable medical or vision report regarding the condition listed on the license cancellation notice. The medical or vision report must be completed by a qualified health care provider or eye care specialist who has evaluated you within the past 12 months.
    • Successfully complete the operator's examination, including vision, written and road examinations.
    • While there is no re-application fee, you will be required to pay applicable licensing fees.