Overlimit Permits
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Any vehicle transporting non-divisible loads in excess of legal dimension and weight limits must obtain an overlimit permit. After initial contact with the Motor Carrier Services, Overlimit Permit Unit these permits may be obtained online, by faxing an application form, or by going to the nearest Bureau of Motor Vehicles branch office. Permits are valid for a stated route and for a limited period of time.

Vehicles transporting overlimit loads are subject to certain safety, routing, time of day and holiday restrictions as well as escort requirements.

The Maine Turnpike has its own specified size and weight limitations. For more information, contact (800) 698-7747. Turnpike oversize and overlength permits may be obtained at any Maine Turnpike toll plaza for a fee of $10 (not including the applicable toll). Vehicle must also have a separate overlimit permit from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles for travel on all non-Turnpike highways.

If a Maine State Police escort is a requirement for the issuance of a permit, it is the responsibility of the permittee to contact the appropriate Maine State Police Field Troop Office to make the necessary arrangements.

Permits issued by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles apply only to those highways or bridges under the jurisdiction of the Maine Department of Transportation. Permission for the use of other highways under the jurisdiction of towns and municipalities must be obtained, if required, directly from those local authorities.

The following is a summary of the rules for the movement of overdimensional vehicles. These are meant to be a quick reference guideline and do not replace rules as written in Chapter 156, and Chapter 157, and Chapter 164.


Safety Rules

  1. Moves are not routinely permitted 1/2 hour after sunset to 1/2 hour before sunrise, legal holidays and weekends in July and August. Legal Holiday List (.pdf)
  2. Subject to ALL bridge and road postings.
  3. State-issued permit does not override municipal laws and ordinances. Carrier must contact local jurisdictions for permits and special conditions for local streets and roads, if required.
  4. Permit must accompany the described move and must be in the legal name of the permittee.
  5. The overdimensional vehicle must pull over to the right as far as it can, as soon as safely possible, to allow following traffic exceeding seven (7) vehicles to pass safely.
  6. Before making move, carrier shall check road and weather conditions at www.newengland511.org or call 511. If conditions on permitted route are considered difficult, the overlimit movement must wait until conditions improve to travel.
  7. Signage
    1. "Oversize Load" in ten inch (10") high black letters on yellow background
    2. Seven feet (7') wide by eighteen inches (18") high
    3. Front and rear
    4. When not oversize, remove or cover sign
  8. Flags
    1. Four - 18" by 18" red or florescent orange
    2. Position at extreme corners
  9. Communication
    1. Two-way mobile
    2. One-half mile radius range
    3. Responsible for police escort communication between load and state police vehicle(s) when permit requires police escorts
  10. Lights
    1. Headlights on low beam;
    2. Flashing, rotary, light bar, amber lights on top of cab
    3. When not oversized, lights described in b must be extinguished

Pilot Vehicle(s)

  1. Needed, if
    1. More than 80 feet long; or
    2. More than 12 feet wide
  2. Vehicle
    1. Light truck or automobile
    2. Mirrors: Interior, right outside, left outside
    3. Special lighting
      • Amber, flashing, rotary or light bar
      • Extreme top left and right or left to right
  3. Signage
    1. "Oversize load" in black eight inch (8") high letters on yellow background
    2. Five feet (5') wide by twelve inches (12") high
    3. Rear bumper when following load
    4. Front bumper when preceding load
    5. Roof mounted is an option with sign facing appropriate direction
    6. Remove or cover when not in escort service
  4. Knowledge of pilot vehicle rules found in Chapter 157.
  5. Communication
    1. Two-way mobile
    2. One-half mile radius
  6. Driver
    1. Minimum age 18 years
    2. Hold a motor vehicle operator's license for two consecutive years
  7. Position of single pilot vehicle
    1. Divided highway to the rear of the load
    2. Undivided highway to the front of the load

Additional Requirements for Mobile Home and Modular Homes

  1. Loads 11 feet 6 inches (11' 6") or wider
    1. Power Unit
      • Truck tractor
      • Dual wheels on drive axle
      • 26001 GVWR or greater
  2. Loads 13 feet 6 inches (13' 6") or wider in addition to 1-A of this section
    1. Lighting on mobile home or modular unit
      • Amber, flashing or rotary
      • Extreme left rear above oversize sign
      • Extreme right rear above oversize sign

Canadian Weight Limit Permits

Questions or comments can be sent to the Overlimit Permits Unit at: overpermits@maine.gov