Workstations and Equipment


Client technologies fulfil all requests for workstation hardware, software and peripherals for all subscribers of OIT workstation services. 

  • This service is provided to all subscribers of OIT workstation services. Agencies pay a monthly subscription per device assigned to an employee ensuring that the workstation and software are always in good working order
  • Malfunctions or failures that occur from normal business usage are covered by the OIT subscription rate


  • OIT currently offers workstations from Lenovo, Dell, and HP
  • Device selection is determined by hardware specifications and not by workstation manufacturer


  • Client technology will not support:
  • Personal or non-state provided hardware
  • Personal or non-state provided software
  • Personal or non-state provided peripherals and accessories
  • Purchase or support of Apple Macintosh workstations

Service Level Targets & Availability

  • The standard production published service level agreement can be viewed at the following link: Standard_SLA_CTS_Production Services
  • Agencies pay a monthly subscription per device assigned to an employee ensuring that the workstation and software are always in good working order
  • Malfunctions or failures that occur from normal business usage are covered by the OIT subscription rate
  • Standard business hour coverage is 7:00AM – 5:00PM Monday through Friday, excluding holidays

Service Rates: Please see the MaineIT Rate Table

Options Available for Additional Charge

  • Any storage will be charged the storage published rate

Customer Expectations

  • Provide an accurate description of expected use
  • Billing code
  • Clean AC power
  • Adequate desk space
  • Access to PC during normal working hours for maintenance and repair
  • Network jack within 6 feet of workstation

Will I receive a brand-new workstation?

  • Customers will receive a workstation from OIT’s inventory of standard desktops and laptops
  • These units may or may not be new 
  • All desktops and laptops that are reused will have been inspected and refurbished prior to reassignment
  • Current units will be assigned before new equipment is ordered

How do I request hardware, software or peripherals?

  • The service center helps you define the most appropriate type of equipment
  • Based on business need, a recommendation is given for either a standard or specialized configuration of desktop or laptop equipment
  • The procurement of non-standard equipment will require longer lead times and incur additional charges
  • Are there any accessibility accommodations required? (e.g. Screen reader software or ergonomic equipment)

Note: Requests for equipment for new users must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the start date to allow adequate time for procurement, configuration and delivery of the equipment.

What if I need equipment outside of what is offered?

  • OIT’s goal is to optimize utilization of IT resources while ensuring employees have the necessary equipment needed to perform their job. If a customer’s workstation requirements are greater than the specifications above, then a custom order device will be needed 
  • Client technology will work with the customer to find an appropriate device that will meet their business needs 
  • Custom order devices are not provided under the standard OIT rates and will be billed at an increased rate that will be determined by the cost of the custom workstation 
  • OIT will require written management approval for requests of non-standard devices

How do I order a printer?

  • OIT will assist with selecting and purchasing a printer to meet the agency’s need
  • After the purchase, OIT will assist in the setup and configuration of the printer
  • For printer repairs OIT has contracted with Axis Business Solutions. Repair requests can be made by calling (207) 624-7700 
  • Please note that most low-end printers lack the proper level of warranty to receive onsite support/service 
  • Network printers will incur a separate network access charge
  • Printer costs will be billed to the Agency, based on Vendor estimates, including:
    • BW printers 
    • Color printers
    • Other Printers
    • Installation/Setup
    • Maintenance Kit Installation
    • Repairs, parts and labor through Axis business solutions

What is the IT purchasing request process?

  • If you need something not provided under the standard rates, OIT will assist you with your purchase
  • OIT must be consulted about the suitability of those items
  • Existing contracts or compatibility may prevent a specific item from being ordered; and a comparable item may need to be substituted

Are there limitations to the services provided?

  • Client Technology is not responsible for data on the customer’s device. OIT has provided the customers with online storage sufficient to store all work-related documents. Data stored locally is at the customer’s own risk
  • Upon replacement of a device, Client Tech will place a one week hold on the device. This hold is based on operational needs and may not always be available.  Any data recovery services required on desktop/laptops will be contracted out to a third-party vendor at the customers cost
  • The device is leased, not owned, by the agency. Appropriate care of the device and associated leased equipment is expected from the leasing agency. If the device is not returned to OIT in a clean and serviceable condition with all issued accessories, the agency will be billed either the cost of cleaning/repairs or for the replacement of the device, whichever is less
  • OIT must conform to a legislative mandate requiring the desktop/laptop fleet be utilized to an average lifecycle of 60 months
  • Many devices will have a serviceable lifecycle that exceeds 60 months
  • Due to this requirement, OIT will need to bill agencies the remaining months (up to 60) owed on any workstation in which the replacement was not necessary as part of the normal incident troubleshooting process

Damage to computers under the subscription model

OIT furnishes computers to agencies for use in the performance of their job duties.  The terms by which these computers are furnished to agencies requires that the computers be returned at the end of their useful life in the same condition, less normal wear and tear. Any damage to OIT computers due to negligence, abuse or non-official state business is the responsibility of the using agency. Some examples include but are not limited to:

  • Damage caused by negligence, misuse, or abuse
  • Cracked or damaged screens/monitors
  • Laptop damage that may have resulted from being dropped
  • Removal or repairs caused by unauthorized accessory equipment, i.e. Stickers, Velcro, unapproved USB devices, or power adapters
  • Missing power adapters. (OIT provides one power supply at no charge with each laptop and each docking station)
  • All damage caused by liquids
  • Loss or theft

Technical Specifications


  • All standard (14” or 15” screen) laptops include the following minimum hardware specifications:
    • Minimum Intel Core i5 processor
    • Minimum 4GB of RAM
    • No internal CD/DVD drive.  A USB CD/DVD drive can be requested for a onetime charge.
    • 1 Laptop power supply
  • Each laptop is issued with (excludes agency-owned or other Bundle A laptops):
    • 1 Laptop Power supply
    • 1 Docking Base station
    • 1 Docking Base station power supply
    • 1 Laptop Bag
    • 1 Standard keyboard/mouse
    • 1 Network patch cable (7ft)


  • All standard desktop workstations include the following minimum hardware specifications:
    • Standard small form factor (or smaller) desktop
    • Minimum Intel Core i3 processor
    • Minimum 4GB of RAM
  • Each desktop is issued with:
    • 1 Standard LCD monitor (exludes agency-owned or other Bundle A desktops)
    • 1 Standard keyboard/mouse
    • 1 Network patch cable (7ft)

To get help or order this service

  • New user requests for hardware are requested as part of the New/Modify/Delete User Form
  • All other requests for workstation hardware, software and peripherals can be made by calling the OIT Service Center at 624-7700