Service Center


The Service Center/Help desk is available to all subscribers of MaineIT workstation services. Customers may submit requests for help, or service, for any technical or business issue associated with the MaineIT-supported workstation fleet; desktop or networked applications, peripheral equipment, or network issues.


  • A single source to engage MaineIT services for all your technical inquires
  • Courteous, timely and effective service
  • Problem resolution by a skilled Service Center technician
  • Coordinated delivery of services in the most effective and efficient way possible
  • All labor and travel costs are included for in-scope services
  • Installation and maintenance of approved state-provided software
  • Appropriate technology solutions to meet agency needs and to maximize technology value
  • Tracking of issues in the Footprints ticketing system; status of issue is available on ONN
  • A clear and concise plan of action for each issue based on the criteria outlined below in the Service Level Targets


  • Ability to assist implies our knowledge of system or component for which assistance is requested, documentation in knowledge base, or documentation of referral instructions
  • Ability to support application software is limited, therefore, the technician will attempt a best effort but is unable to provide detailed how-to or troubleshooting assistance for application software
  • Client technology supports the installation of databases and database clients, however, configuration and troubleshooting of databases and database clients will be forwarded to the appropriate groups
  • Support is limited to devices, systems, software and services still in support by the manufacturer
  • Support is limited to devices, systems, software and services provided by the state. Unauthorized devices, systems and software are not supported and are prohibited by policy
  • Actions taken by technical staff must comply with state, MaineIT and agency policies and applicable laws and regulations
  • MaineIT will not dispatch state technicians to a private home. A private contractor will be dispatched to the home at agency expense upon approval by the agency's Technology Business Consultant or authorized agency manager
  • MaineIT does not purchase or support Apple Macintosh computers
  • Client technology is not responsible for any data on the user’s device. MaineIT has provided the customers with online storage sufficient to store all work-related documents. Any data stored locally is at the user’s own risk. Upon replacement of a device Client tech will place a one week hold on the device. This hold is based on operational needs, and may not always be available.  Any data recovery services required on desktop/laptops will be contracted out to a MaineIT vendor at the customers cost.

Service Level Targets & Availability

  • Many service requests can be resolved at first contact using remote tools
  • The analyst may find it necessary to escalate an issue to another team; each issue will be reviewed and escalated to ensure a timely resolution:
  • Low Priority - Maximum two business days to reply and resolved within 10 business days or less
  • Medium Priority - Maximum one business day to reply and resolved within 6 business days or less
  • High Priority - Maximum 4 hours to reply and resolved within 2 business days
  • Urgent - Immediate response by service manager or designee; response team identified within 30 minutes. Solution as soon as possible; all team members on task until resolved; goal is 4 hours
  • If a satisfactory agreement cannot be reached, escalate through your supervisor to your agency's Technology Business Consultant, who is your internal MaineIT representative
  • Service Center availability is 7 AM to 5 PM, Monday-Friday, excluding all posted holidays
  • Outside hours by special arrangement with an agency
  • Limited support is available for after business hours, weekends, and holidays

Service Rates: Please see the MaineIT Rate Table 

  • This service is provided as part of the desktop support subscription rate.
  • Use of the Service Center is open to all Executive Branch employees, customers of Enterprise services and facilities, and others by special arrangement

Options Available for Additional Charge

  • Requests requiring customization or deviation from standards may extend the elapsed time and/or result in additional charges
  • Additional charges will be negotiated between the agency and a Service Center Manager

Customer Expectations

  • Report technology issues promptly
  • Provide the technician access to and availability of systems and components involved
  • Provide the operation of specific software or to demonstrate the problem
  • Ensure a clean and safe work environment
  • Provide adequate notice for changes, upgrades and other tasks that can be scheduled
  • Provide a two-week notice for all new user requests - less than a two-week notice may result in delayed or incomplete orders
  • Provide accurate information such as location, contact and alternate contact
  • Ticket number when requesting information on open issue

To get help

  • Call the MaineIT Service Center at 624-7700