Helen and Scott Nearing, 1904-1995; 1883-1983

Helen and Scott Nearing

Helen and Scott Nearing, from the website kaufmann-mercantile.com/

  • Known For: Back-to-the land movement
  • Maine Connection: Back-to-the-Land proponents; authors; activists.


Books by Helen Nearing

  • Light on Aging and Dying: Wise Words, c1995
  • Loving and Leaving the Good Life, 1992
  • Our Home Made of Stone: Building in Our Seventies and Nineties, c1983
  • Simple Food for the Good Life: an Alternative Cookbook, c1980
  • Living The Good Life; How To Live Sanely And Simply In A Troubled World, 1970

Books by Scott Nearing

  • A Scott Nearing Reader : The Good Life In Bad Times, 1988
  • The Conscience Of A Radical, 1984
  • Man's Search For The Good Life, 1974
  • The Making Of A Radical: A Political Autobiography, c1972

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