Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim, 1840 ? 1916

Books about Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim

Blood Brothers: Hiram and Hudson Maxim; The Amazing Hiram Maxim

  • Known For: Inventor, first fully automatic machine gun
  • Maine Connection: Born in Sangerville, Maine


Selected Books

  • The Amazing Hiram Maxim: An Intimate Biography by Arthur Hawkey, 2001.
  • Blood Brothers: Hiram and Hudson Maxim: Pioneers of Modern Warfare by Iain McCallum, 1999.
  • A Genius in the Family: Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim Through a Small Son?s Eyes by Hiram Percy Maxim, 1936.
  • The Life and Work of Sir Hiram Maxim, Knight, Chevalier de la Legion d?Honneur, etc., by Paul Fleury Mottelay, 1920.

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