Edmund S. Muskie, 1914 - 1996

Senator Edmund S. Muskie

Muskie Archives & Special Collections, Bates College; Muskie on a September 1971 campaign/fund raising trip to California

  • Known For: Governor, Senator, Vice-President candidate
  • Maine Connection: Governor of Maine (1955-59), Maine's U.S. Senator (1959-1980), born in Rumford, ME


Selected Books by Edmund Muskie

  • The U.S. in Space: Issues and Policy Choices for a New Era by Edmund S. Muskie, editor, 1988.
  • What Price Defense? by Edmund S. Muskie and Bill Brock, 1974.
  • Journeys, 1972.

Selected Books about Edmund Muskie

  • The Senate Nobody Knows by Bernard Asbell, c1978
  • Muskie of Maine by David Nevin, c1972.
  • Muskie by Theo Lippman, c1971.

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