Rachel Carson, 1907 - 1964

Cover of Rachel Carson's books

Rachel Carson by the Sea, Summer 1954. Photo courtesy of Freeman Family Collection

  • Known For: Biologist, author, ecologist
  • Maine Connection: From 1952, Rachel Carson spent her summers at Southport Island, Maine, where she studied the coast. A Fish and Wildlife Service National Wildlife Refuge (Wells, Maine) was renamed the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge in 1969.


Selected Books by Rachel Carson

  • The Sense of Wonder, 1965.
  • Silent Spring, 1962.
  • The Edge of the Sea, 1955.
  • The Sea Around Us, 1951.

Selected Books about Rachel Carson

  • The Gentle Subversive: Rachel Carson, Silent Spring, and the Rise of the Environmental Movement by Mark Lytle, 2007.
  • Rachel Carson: a twentieth-century life by Ellen Levine, 2007.
  • Rachel Carson: a biography by Arlene Rodda Quaratiello, 2004.

Selected Books for Young Adults and Children

  • Rachel Carson: a Twentieth-Century Live by Ellen Levine, 2007.
  • Rachel Carson: Ecologist and Activist by Mary Gow, c2005.
  • Rachel Carson: Writer and Biologist by Melissa Stewart, c2001.

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