Reading Round Up (RRU) Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much does registration cost?
    Registration is $75 - this covers four workshops, lunch, Maine book award ceremony, and access to exhibitors and vendors.
  2. Can you offer payment by credit card?
    Neither the Maine Regional Library System nor the Maine Library Association is currently equipped to do this. However, we hope this will be a possibility in the future.
  3. How do I pay by check?
    Checks should be made out to Treasurer, State of Maine. When sending the check, please indicate the name of the person/people attending. Mail checks to: Elaine Bissonnette / Portland Public Library / 5 Monument Square / Portland, ME 04101.
  4. Can you decrease the price of the conference if you don't offer door prizes?
    All of our door prizes are donated, so they are not included in the price of the conference.
  5. Can you repeat the program in another part of the state to make it more accessible?
    Speakers are usually unable to commit to more than one day; this is especially true for keynote speakers, authors, and illustrators. Booking multiple venues would also increase the cost, and we try to keep the cost as low as possible to make it affordable. In addition, we often hear that participants find this statewide program a wonderful opportunity to network with colleagues from other parts of Maine.
  6. Can you videotape the conference and make the video available to the library community?
    We are not currently equipped to do this, but will consider it for the future.
  7. April is such a busy month. Have you considered a different time of year?
    The committee has thoroughly explored this idea and continues to study it annually. We try to avoid a conflict with the professional association and regional conferences as well as school vacations and summer reading programs.
  8. Can you get multiple booksellers so there will be plenty of books available?
    It is difficult to predict how many books will be sold the day of the event. In addition, many booksellers are often too short staffed to commit enough people for a whole day at the conference. We do our best to estimate and adjust the number of books we have available.
  9. Can my special dietary needs be accommodated?
    With advance notice the Civic Center can accommodate your medically required dietary needs. Please let us know what accommodation you need when you register or contact .
  10. Is there some way to arrange ride shares?
    We recommend you post ride share queries to MELIBS listserv, YS listserv, or on our Facebook page.