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Authors of Original Website

Jane Haskell

Jane Haskell is an Extension Professor Emerita in Community Development Educator with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension.

She specialized in community facilitation and has trained and worked with hundreds of volunteers and staff from over 50 organizations in Maine. She has worked with both small public libraries, the Maine State Library, and the University of Maine’s Fogler Library. Jane continues to teach at leadership academies and graduate classes.

In 2013, Jane worked with George Morse to develop the “Identifying the Value of Your Library” workshop. The results of these pilot workshops is reported in “What Is Your Library Worth? Extension Uses Public Value Workshops in Communities.” Journal of Extension. 2015.

In 2016 Jane and George added “stories” about benefits to individual patrons based on the work of librarian James LaRue and the suggestions of Julie Dixon, Jennifer Aaker, Ben Zolda and Michael Bosworth.  Public value workshops with stories were provided in two locations to 7 library teams.

George Morse was a Faculty Associate with the University of Maine Cooperative Extension (2104 – 2017) and is a Professor Emeritus of Applied Economics, University of Minnesota. George lives in Cape Elizabeth, Maine and has been a member of the Thomas Memorial Library Foundation since 2013.

Original Content Reviewers and Web Developers

The interest, dedication to improving communities and, most importantly, the careful review by Extension colleagues, public librarians, and “regular citizens” has helped narrow the focus of this website. We applaud the recommendations of Doug Babkirk, Deborah Clark, Kristen Devlin, Charlie French, Molly MacAuslan, Brigid Tuck, Stephanie Zurinski, and others.

The tireless work by UMaine web developers made this all possible. Our deepest thanks go to Cindy Eves Thomas, Webmaster, and Mary Michaud, Administrative Specialist, University of Maine Cooperative Extension.