Voluntary Public Librarian Certification Program

Introducing the Maine's new online library learning management platform: Maine's Library Staff Academy, available through Niche Academy. View Basic Level Required Courses - click on any course to go directly to the academy. Access the full academy using the link to the right.



About the program:

To meet the needs of Maine’s library staff for ongoing training so they may provide dynamic professional library service, the Maine State Library has developed a three level voluntary certification program comprised of online courses, archived webinars, workshops and special institutes.

Library directors and personnel who do not have formal training in library science should start with Basic Certification which includes introductory coursework in core areas of librarianship. All the courses fit into the American Library Association (ALA) Core Competencies and the 21st Century Skills matrices.

Intermediate and Advanced Certification builds on the work done at the basic level and allows the librarian to explore these topic areas in more depth by choosing electives in each subject area. The program recognizes the UMA certification and degree programs as well as the MLS or MLIS from accredited universities. Contact Stephanie Zurinski (see below) for more information.

Once a certification level is achieved, the librarian is required to attend or complete 5 classes, webinars or workshops each year to maintain that level of certification. School Library Media Specialists and Ed Techs can use these courses toward recertification.

Registration is needed if you plan to go through the certification process because you will need to be invited to join the academy for tracking purposes.

If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Zurinski via the Contact Us page.

Requirements for Each Level

Basic Certification

20 required courses plus 8 electives in the categories below:

  • Fundraising - 1
  • Staff Development - 1
  • Personnel Management - 2
  • Organizational Leadership- 1
  • Programming and Services- 2
  • Marketing and Advocacy - 1

Intermediate Certification

Basic plus 16 electives in the categories

  • Fundamentals of Librarianship - 1
  • Organization of Materials - 1
  • Management - 8
  • Programming and Services - 2
  • Marketing and Advocacy - 2
  • Technology - 2

Advanced Certification

Intermediate plus 16 electives in the categories below:

  • Fundamentals of Librarianship -1
  • Organization of Materials - 1
  • Management - 7
  • Programming and Services - 2
  • Marketing and Advocacy - 3
  • Technology - 2