Library Director

Position Type: Professional

Library Type: Public



This is a professional position concerned with the general administration and management in accordance with the policies and directives of the Board of Directors and accepted library practices and procedures including the needs of the Town, as far as resources will permit. This position is involved with budget preparation and management, employee supervision, selection and evaluation of materials and service to the public.

  1. General administration and management
    • Prepares annual budget and assists the Library Board in presenting the budget to the Town Council, the Finance Committee, and the Town Meeting.
    • Administers the budget once it is approved.
    • Prepares an annual report to the Maine State Library, and as part of the budget, to the Finance Committee and the Town Council.
    • Keeps statistical records of the library with the help of employees (circulation, patron counts, use of services, additions and withdrawals of materials, etc.)
    • Supervises employees with the assistance of the Assistant Librarian and other employees as designated. This includes scheduling, day-to-day supervision, staff selection, evaluation, promotion, termination, etc.
    • Prepares bills for payment with the assistance of the bookkeeper and reviews all data before payment is sent.
    • Compiles and prepares financial statistical reports.
    • Maintains all Library financial records.
    • Maintains payroll records and prepares bi-weekly payroll -- Orders equipment or supervises same.
    • Conducts public relations effort of the library with the help of staff, especially the Assistant Librarian. This effort includes newspaper articles, speeches, sending thank you notes, brochures, participation in a local service club, etc.
    • Investigates the purchase of products, such as health insurance policies, contents insurance, payroll services, accounting etc. with the help of staff, if desired.
    • Overseas that the library property is maintained and suggests improvements to the Library Board.
    • Overseas the selection of books, periodicals, audio-visuals, CD-ROM products, software etc., delegating this to other employees when practical, especially to the Children's Librarian, the Assistant Librarian and Reference
    • Helps Library Board make sure library policies relating to personnel are up-to-date, submitting changes and revisions to the Board annually or when required. This includes personnel policies, job descriptions, evaluation forms, etc. enlisting the help of the Assistant Librarian when needed.
    • Prepares and / or oversees the preparation of library policies relating to the circulation of materials, non-discrimination, book selection, new technologies, drug- free workplace, etc. and submits these to the Board when necessary for approval and enlisting the help of the Assistant Librarian when needed.
    • Monitors the library's compliance with laws and regulations.
    • Answers library correspondence or delegates same.
    • Fills in when necessary for employees on vacation, absent because of illness, etc., or makes sure that gaps are filled by other employees.
    • Evaluates and de-selects (weeding) library materials delegating this to the Assistant Librarian, the Children's Librarian, and the Reference Librarian when desirable.
    • Prepares, assists in or oversees the preparation of grants for the benefit of the library.
    • Attends educational sessions, workshops and conferences, if staffing patterns, financing and work load permit.
    • Attends Library Board meetings and makes various reports to that body.
  2. Growth and Development/Planning of Library Services:
    • Plans and /or oversees changes in the services provided by the library, including new services or downsizing, including helping the Board plan for the future.
    • Plans and/or oversees outreach programs to various groups in the community, including elementary school age children, young adults, adult new readers, senior citizens, etc.
    • Fosters community programs with the help of library staff members, such as children's story hours, discussion groups, lectures, etc., providing time, meeting space and funding as available.
  3. Advises the Board on the formulation of library policy and executes any decisions they may make.
  4. Fosters interlibrary cooperation and coordination on the local, regional and state level by active participation in activities when possible.
  5. Serves regular duty each week, when possible, in the library's reference and information department, answering the inquiries of patrons using the library's own resources or outside sources.
  6. Performs an active role as a communication link between the Library Board and the staff, as well as the general public and library patrons.
  7. Maintains library website with the assistance of other library staff.
  8. Performs other related duties as assigned.


Reports to the Board of Directors

Specifications of the position:

  • Masters degree in library Science from an institution accredited by the American Library association
  • Supervisory ability and experience
  • Ability or experience in budget preparation
  • Knowledge of and ability to follow accepted professional library practice
  • Ability to interact successfully with staff, the public and the Board, i.e. possesses public relations skills.

Computer Skills:

Basic familiarity with CD-ROM products, basic understanding of internet searching, acquaintance with Windows environment, basic familiarity with office software (word processing, excel, etc.) and ability to use on-line catalog, databases and basic familiarity with website design.