Laws & Regulations


There are numerous Federal and state laws, as well as various regulations and agreements emanating from them that govern the treatment of historic and archaeological resources in Maine or govern our programs. Such laws are generally restricted to protecting cultural resources that may be threatened by Federal and/or State funded or permitted projects. Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 is the most well-known of these laws.

For more information on cultural resource laws, please see the links and PDFs below.

Federal Laws and Regulations

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation – legislation

Federal Historic Preservation Laws

State Laws and Regulations

Department of Environmental Protection Site Location of Development Law

Land Use Planning Commission Laws and Rules  

Archaeology Laws, Rules and Regulations

The Code of Maine Rules contain two chapters that regulate professional archaeological work in Maine. Chapter 100 sets forth the standards and procedures for access to archaeological site records. Chapter 812 contains the composition and functions of the Archaeological Advisory Committee, the credentials requirements from persons on the Commission’s approved lists of archaeologists, procedure for review of credentials, procedure for removal from approved lists, and environmental impact project guidelines and procedures. 

Statute: Burial Sites