The following links provide useful information on historic preservation topics.

Preservation Briefs
The National Park Service has produced a series of guides, each of which focuses on a particular preservation method, material, or issue. Topics covered include roofing, masonry, windows, plaster, and additions. Electronic versions of these booklets are available online.

CARMA Map Viewer: Cultural Architectural Resource Management Archive for Maine

Tech Notes
The National Park Service has published a series of case studies providing practical information on traditional practices and innovative techniques for maintaining and preserving cultural resources. Categories include masonry, windows, doors, finishes, and mechanical systems. Many of the Tech Notes are available online.

Secretary of the Interior's Standards
The four preservation treatments (preservation, restoration, rehabilitation, and reconstruction) are discussed. Information is provided to help determine which treatment should be applied. The standards for each treatment are listed.

Illustrated Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings
An illustrated guide to rehabilitating a historic building while preserving its historic integrity.

Additional National Park Service Online Resources
Topics covered include how to identify character-defining elements or features, basic issues that frequently arise during rehabilitation projects, and how to manage moisture in historic house.

National Center for Preservation Technology and Training
A branch of the National Park Service whose focus is on advancing the application of science and technology to historic preservation.

Maine Preservation Field Services
Preservation guidance for stewards of historic buildings.