Certified Local Government (CLG) Program

The CLG program is designed to promote preservation planning and cultural resource protection efforts at the local level that are consistent with state and Federal standards and guidelines.

Becoming a CLG gives your municipality:

  • Ability to preserve structures that reflect the community’s heritage
  • To promote pride in your community’s history
  • Another tool when considering planning, zoning, and land use issues using local historic properties
  • Technical help and training from our office
  • Access to a network of local, state, and federal preservation groups
  • Eligibility for grants to assist local preservation programs

Before being certified a city or town must:

  • Establish a historic preservation ordinance that includes protection for historic properties
  • Create a preservation commission to oversee the preservation ordinance and the program
  • Provide for public education and participation, including nomination of properties to the National Register of Historic Places
  • Conduct and maintain a survey and inventory of historic properties

A local government becomes certified when it meets state and Federal program requirements, formally applies to the Commission for participation, signs a Certification Agreement, and is approved by the Commission and the National Park Service.

To find out more, please see our state guidelines: Maine’s CLG Guidelines (PDF)

Please contact Megan M. Rideout at 287-2992 or by email if you have any questions about the Certified Local Government Program in Maine.