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9/8/16 – Energy Office Receives Information on Best Practices for Deployment of a DCFC Charging Corridor

The Governor's Energy Office (GEO), on behalf of the Québec-Maine Electric Vehicle Corridor Task Force, issued a Request-for-Information (RFI) in August 2016. The RFI asked parties interested in the deployment and operation of an EV Charging Station Corridor between the Quebec border and southern Maine to submit any information that would assist the Task Force in its planning and implementation of a reliable and accessible system of charging stations. The GEO received the following responses (listed in alphabetical order):

7/21/14 - Energy Office Seeks Public Input on State Energy Plan

The Governor's Energy Office (GEO) is updating the state's Comprehensive Energy Plan, and is seeking comments from the public on how Maine should continue to move forward to reduce energy costs, and plan for the next decade.

"The state's energy outlook has changed dramatically since 2008, which is when the last Comprehensive Energy Plan was developed," stated Energy Office Director Patrick Woodcock. "New technology has reshaped energy markets, creating new opportunities for Maine. At the same time, this past winter revealed that our state's energy challenges are severe. We must work to expand the use of cost-effective and clean energy to power our state's businesses, keep more money in our residents' pockets, and make the strategic energy investments that will make us more economically competitive and a more affordable place to live."

The GEO is using several documents as the foundation for the new plan: The 2013 oil reduction assessment report (PDF) and policy recommendations (PDF), and the 2008 Comprehensive plan (PDF). In addition, the GEO has compiled some "Energy Fast Facts (PDF)" that will also become part of the plan.

The Energy Office is seeking public comments through Friday, August 15, 2014. Please send electronic comments to Lisa Smith, Senior Planner with the GEO: Written comments can also be mailed to: Governor's Energy Office, 62 State House Station, Augusta, Maine, 04333-0062; Attn: Comprehensive Plan Update. The Energy Office also welcomes meeting with the public on development of the plan.

7/21/14 - Energy Office Seeks Proposals to Assess Maine's Unrealized Hydropower Potential with New Technology

The GEO is currently updating the state's Comprehensive Energy Plan, and, as part of this process, has identified a need for a current inventory of the state's hydropower resources, as well as recommendations for regulatory modifications that could expand economic opportunities through additional production, consistent with the state's environmental objectives.

"Maine has not assessed its hydropower resources since the early 1990s," stated Energy Office Director Patrick Woodcock. "Since that time, additional technologies have been developed, some right here in Maine, and numerous studies from the Department of Energy have highlighted significant hydropower potential. It is time to review whether we can expand our hydropower resources with these new technologies, in a manner that works for our environment as well as our economy."

The updated inventory will identify sites that could be developed for small and micro facilities, untapped potential at existing hydropower sites, and hydrokinetic resources (energy produced from currents, waves, and river flows). The study will also provide recommendations for regulatory changes to encourage increased production at existing facilities, as well as from new, smaller, unconventional resources.

"While the state's previous plans envisioned significant new hydro dams, we are reviewing whether smaller facilities with modern technology can produce stable and competitive energy production," stated Woodcock. "We are looking for ways to augment our existing hydropower production, while avoiding the debates of the past."

Potential bidders can obtain a copy of the Request for Proposals from Lisa Smith, RFP Coordinator:, or by calling 624-7445. Thank you.