Gulf of Maine Floating Offshore Wind Research Array

With offshore wind energy representing a significant opportunity for Maine’s energy and economic future, the State has announced its intention to apply for the country's first offshore floating wind research array in the Gulf of Maine.

The State is taking this action now because there is significant interest in commercial development of offshore renewable energy in the Gulf of Maine, and because it believes the proposed research array is the right, prudent step to take before commercial scale floating offshore wind development occurs in the Gulf of Maine. 

Research will allow the State, the fishing industry and many others to learn about potential impacts of floating offshore wind together, in order to ensure Maine develops this industry in a manner that capitalizes on our innovative technology and abundant resources, while protecting our interests, industries, environment and values.

Learn more about the project in our Research Array FAQs.

NEW:  Webinar Series and Upcoming Work Sessions, Winter/Spring 2021

Stakeholder Planning and Knowledge Sharing Workshop, Feb. 5, 2021


  1. Welcome (Cunningham)   
  2. Floating OSW Technology (Akers)
  3. Research Array Overview (Wissemann)   
  4. Siting (Cunningham) 
  5. Wind and G&G Data (Brady) 
  6. Wildlife and Data Portals (Schumchenia)
  7. Federal Fisheries Data (Christel) 
  8. State Fisheries Data (Reardon
  9. Next Steps (Cunningham)

    Initial Stakeholder Webinars

    Siting Criteria and Tools

    Offshore wind in the Gulf of Maine must be developed responsibly. The State is committed to work with fishing and other interests in considering where any offshore wind projects could be located and work to minimize any negative impacts.