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Night Eyes ProgramNight Eyes Form


The Night Eyes Program is an initiative that was started in 2007 by the Maine Capitol Police. It was modeled after a similar program that was originated by a University Police Department in Maryland called the “Gotcha Program”.

When police officers or security personnel find safety or security concerns during their after-hour patrols of State facilities, they leave a card behind in the area. These yellow cards indicate the type of concern that was discovered such as unlocked windows or doors, coffee pots, heaters or toasters that were left on or plugged in, blocked fire exits or other unsafe conditions that were encountered.

These cards are left, not only to advise the employees working in the area of the specific concern, but also to raise awareness of their role and responsibilities in preventing crime. The Night Eyes cards remind State employees that they are the “key” to successfully maintaining a safe and secure work environment. Officers and watchpersons left 823 Night Eyes forms in fiscal year 2018-2019.