Security Screening

Screening Information

Entry screening is a process used in many Federal buildings, airports, courts, and other important locations in an attempt to keep weapons and other dangerous items out of these buildings. To increase the safety of the people who work and visit here, we conduct entry screening at the Maine State House.

Every effort is made to ensure that our screening process is both effective and efficient.  The wait for screening is usually under a minute.  Even at the busiest times, the wait is usually well under ten minutes.  If you have a time critical appointment in the State House, arrive early enough (10-15 minutes) to ensure you get through screening in time.  You can help us to expedite the screening process by understanding the following steps:

1. Leave unnecessary metal objects at home or in your car.  Fewer items of any kind means a faster process for you and others.

2. Most small belt buckles, eye glasses, earrings and other small metal items should not set off our metal detectors, but a few small items combined might cause an alarm. Many shoes, especially high-heels and work boots, have metal in their structure and will set off the alarm.

3. Bags, purses and other personal belongings will be inspected in an x-ray machine.  Most can go directly on the conveyor belt in one of the plastic bins.  Fewer items of any kind means a faster process for you and others.

4. As you approach screening, remove your cell phone, keys and other metal items from your pockets and prepare to place them in an x-ray tray.

5. Upon instruction, place these items in a tray and face the screener beyond the metal detector. 

6. When instructed, walk through the metal detector at a normal pace without touching the sides.

7. If an alarm sounds, check yourself for any forgotten metal.

8. After you remove any additional metal, you will be rescreened.

9. Multiple alarms may result in a hand-wand inspection.

10. If you need to be hand-wanded, just follow the screener’s instructions during this brief process.

11. Retrieve your items from the tray and continue into the State House.

Thank you, in advance, for your help and cooperation. 

Together, we can keep everyone safe and secure with minimal inconvenience.