Security Screening Screening at the State House

Entry screening is a process used in many Federal buildings, airports, courts, and other important locations in an attempt to keep weapons and other dangerous items out of these buildings. To increase the safety of the people who work and visit here, we conduct entry screening at the Maine State House.

During fiscal year 2019-2020, Capitol Police screeners examined 67,769 items being brought into the building and prevented 590 dangerous items from entering the State House.

To maintain the safety and security of the Capitol, Legislators, visitors, and employees, items that can be used as weapons are prohibited from being brought into the Capitol building. Although the regulations may be a small inconvenience, planning ahead by leaving these items at home will allow the security screeners to process you and/or your group more efficiently. Failure to adhere to the rules can result in the confiscation of the item or denial of entry. We will return most confiscated items to you when you leave the complex. Capitol Police thanks you in advance for your adherence to these regulations which maintain the safety of all who visit and work at the Capitol.


Screeners from left to right are Gray Bragg, Susan Wade, Christopher Martinez and Craig Donahue


Officer Cook at the Kiosk

Capitol Police also posts an officer at Kiosk just past the screening station. The officers are there to provide security and help screen visitors to the State House.


Screeners, October 2019

Screeners in September of 2019 Gray Bragg, Michelle Lacroix, Craig Donahue and Christopher Martinez