2020 Reports



The Bureau of Capitol Police is a law enforcement agency responsible for the safety of the people and the security of the buildings that make up Maine's seat of government.  The Bureau's area of responsibility includes all State owned or controlled property in the City of Augusta, including the State House, the other State buildings within the Capitol Area campus, and the properties on the eastside of the river within the old Augusta Mental Health campus.  Bureau police officers patrol these properties, investigate crimes, and enforce laws, including parking and traffic regulations, and respond to alarms and other calls for help or assistance on the campuses.  A unit within the Bureau of Capitol Police is dedicated to specifically servicing the law enforcement, safety and security needs at the Riverview Psychiatric Center.  As part of our protective role, Capitol Police screeners conduct entry screening for weapons at the entrance to the State House. The Bureau's night watchpersons check for safety or security issues at the 50 plus State owned buildings and properties in Augusta at night and on weekends.


The Capitol Security Police Force was created by the Legislature 52 years ago in FY1968, and was made a branch of the Department of Public Safety in 1977. The Legislature changed the Bureau’s name from Capitol Security to Capitol Police in 2009 to better reflect the agency's law enforcement role.  FY20 head count is 20.5: (1) Chief of Police, (1) police lieutenant, (1) police sergeant, (10) police officers, (2) night watchpersons, (4) security screeners, (1) office associate, and (1) part-time office assistant. Prior to 1977, some functions of the Bureau were the responsibility of the Bureau of Public Improvements.


The major objectives of the Bureau are ensuring the safety of members of the legislature, staff, employees and visitors; and the security of the State buildings and property for the complexes to which we provide police service. During fiscal year 2019-20, the employees within the Bureau found, initiated or responded to 47,262 documented events, incidents or activities.  77 of these incidents resulted in criminal investigations being initiated. These range from thefts of property to assaults, criminal trespass or criminal threatening.  Officers investigated a number of threatening communications aimed at legislators or state employees and kept the peace at numerous public hearings, rallies and protests during the year.  Officers issued 191 traffic summonses or warnings, and 492 parking tickets.  They also investigated 8 motor vehicle crashes.  Capitol Police screeners examined 67,769 items being brought into the building and prevented 590 dangerous items from being brought into the State House. Watchpersons conducted 10,782 building or property safety and security checks.


The Bureau of Capitol Police issues Capitol Area Activity Permits. 56 permits were issued during fiscal year 2019-20 for activities around the State House, in Capitol Park, or elsewhere in the Capitol Area.


Capitol Area Security Regulations

Rules and Regulations Relating to Parking on State property in the Capitol Area