State Complex Parking Information

Directions to Burton Cross Building (State Office Building)

•  Take I-95 to Exit 109 (from the South) or 109-A (from the North). Bear right off the exit onto Western Avenue.

•  Proceed east on Western Avenue/Route 202. Follow signs directing you to the Capitol and state offices.

•  At the 6th set of traffic lights, turn right onto Sewall Street.  The Edmund Muskie Federal Building (Post Office) will be on your right, and Amato’s will be on your left.

•  Travel down Sewall Street past the state parking garage (on your left) and go straight through the traffic lights.

•  Just beyond the traffic lights, take the left into the Parking Lot for the State Office Complex.

•  The Cross Building is part of the state complex in Augusta. It is a large gray office building directly behind the Capitol.