Law Enforcement Services

Reporting Criminal Activity

If there is an emergency call 911.

      • Call our office at 287- HELP (4357). Officers are available 24/7.
      • Give us as much specific information as possible.
      • Your name and how we can reach you (call back number).
      • Is anyone hurt?
      • What is happening? 
      • Where is it happening? Location? Street? Which building? What floor?
      • When did this occur? Is it happening now?
      • Who is committing the act? How many are there?
      • Do they have a weapon? Gun? Knife?
      • What do they look like? Height, weight, approximate age, gender, race, hair and eye color.
      • Distinguishing features or characteristics like a tattoo or limp? 
      • What are they wearing?
      • Are they still there?
      • Description of vehicle, plate number, type and color of vehicle.
      • What direction did they leave in?