Law Enforcement Services

Patrol ActivitiesALS Ice Bucket Challenge 2014

Police patrols serve a variety of purposes, all with the underlying objective of keeping a particular area safe and crime-free. Capitol Police officers are patrolling the State House Complex and surrounding State properties around the clock. They respond to calls for service and monitor the parking areas, streets, and crosswalks surrounding the Capitol while they check for safety concerns or signs of criminal activity. They disperse unauthorized, non-permitted crowds and monitor suspicious or unusual activity.

While on patrol, an officer might escort an employee that has forgotten an item in their office after hours, respond to a call for assistance or investigation, investigate alarms, or issue tickets for traffic or parking violations. Officers also conduct searches and cite, warn or arrest offenders that they confront. Many of these activities occur as follow-up investigations of citizen complaints and emergency calls.

During fiscal year 2018-2019, Capitol Police officers within the Bureau found, initiated or responded to 44,285 documented events, incidents or activities. 82 of these incidents resulted in criminal investigations being initiated. These ranged from thefts of property to assaults, criminal trespass or criminal threatening.  Officers issued 209 traffic summonses or warnings, and 888 parking tickets.  They also investigated 26 motor vehicle crashes. 

Officer Weigelt