Adult Use (Open Data)

The following information about the adult use marijuana program is provided as a courtesy to those that may be interested. We hope to use this portal to provide updates on key metrics of this new program as it evolves. At present, there are three particular areas of focus: 1.) Adult Use Applicant and Licensee Search, 2.) Adult Use Retail Sales Data, and 3.) Maine's Adult Use Opt-in Communities.

Adult Use Applicant and Licensee Search

This tool features an "Applicant and Licensee Search" tab which allows interested parties to review all entities which have current and/or pending adult use applications with OMP. By clicking on any of the particular license numbers or names, principal and ownership information for that particular entity will populate in fields below, including information on other AUMP licenses with which those individuals are associated. Applicants and licenses may be filtered by license type. In addition, selecting a town or city on the map of Maine will show all establishments that have identified that community as their host.

A second "Entity Search" tab lists all owners and principals and allows for queries of the database by individual or business name. Once an owner or principal is selected, licensee information populates in the field below.

Status Definitions:

  • Pending Conditional - OMP has received an initial application for this establishment, and it has been assigned a prospective license number.
  • Conditional - The establishment has completed the first step in the application process and obtained a conditional license from OMP.
  • Conditional, Jurisdiction Approved - The establishment has obtained local authorization from a host municipality and is eligible to begin the supplemental/active license phase.
  • Active - The establishment has completed the application process and is eligible to conduct business operations involving the ownership and movement of marijuana. 

More information about adult use licensing can be viewed on our application process page.

*The information contained herein is updated on Mondays as part of a weekly refresh cycle. In instances where a state or federal holiday falls on a Monday, information will be updated on the following business day.


Adult Use Retail Sales Data

In furtherance of OMP's commitment to transparency, the office has added information on preliminary sales totals and product types being sold to consumers 21 years of age and older in Maine's regulated industry. This data will be refreshed monthly and reflect sales from the preceding month's reporting period.

Please note: Sales data are preliminary in nature and subject to further revision. Additionally, sales figures and their corresponding tax estimates have not been audited.


Adult Use Opt-in Communities

The Office of Marijuana Policy compiles information on the opt-in status of communities throughout Maine from a variety of sources. While every effort has been made to independently confirm this information, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. This is a courtesy service that is continually under development. We will make an effort to correct errors brought to our attention.