Adult Use Marijuana Criminal History Records Checks

Who Needs to Submit to a Criminal History Records Check?

All individuals working in or for a licensed marijuana establishment who possess, cultivate, manufacture, package, test, dispense, transfer, serve, handle, transport or deliver marijuana or marijuana products are required to have an Individual Identification Card.

All individuals working in or for a licensed marijuana establishment who have the authority to access or input data into the inventory tracking system or a marijuana establishment point of sale system are required to have an Individual Identification Card.

All principals (including but not limited to officers, directors, managers, or general partners) of a licensed marijuana establishment are required to have an Individual Identification Card.

How to Submit to a Criminal History Records Check:

All individuals must register to have their fingerprints taken through IdentoGo ( Under “Application Details,” the individual should select “Maine Office of Marijuana Policy.” On the next screen, there are two “fingerprint reasons” relevant to Adult Use of Marijuana: (1) Individual identification card applicant and (2) Principals involved in a marijuana establishment. If the individual is a principal applying for an IIC, he/she should select “principal.” Individuals will be required to select a location and schedule a date and time for fingerprinting. Individuals will need to provide their names, any aliases, mailing addresses, and a method of contact. Individuals will also need to provide demographic information, including: date of birth, gender, height, weight, race, hair color, eye color, place of birth, citizen country. When attending the fingerprinting appointment, the individual will be required to present a valid form of government-issued photographic identification. Examples of accepted forms of identification include a driver’s license or a passport.  

All individuals will have to pay the required fingerprinting and processing fee. The current rate is $52.00.

Where Do I Get My Fingerprints Taken?

Augusta, Belfast, Brewer, Farmington, Lisbon, Machias, Portland, Presque Isle, Springvale, and Winslow

What Information Will be Provided to OMP?

When an individual completes the registration process, the individual will acknowledge that IdentoGO, the vendor for the Maine State Bureau of Identification’s applicant processes, will take and electronically submit fingerprints to the State and Federal fingerprint databases. This process will provide OMP a Federal Fingerprint Identity History Check, as well as a State of Maine Public Identity History Check.

What Results from the Criminal History Records Check Make an Individual Ineligible for an Individual Identification Card?

OMP will not issue an Individual Identification Card to any individual with a disqualifying drug offense, as defined by Title 28-B.

OMP must consider criminal convictions in this State or in another jurisdiction for any offense involving dishonesty, deception, misappropriation or fraud when deciding to issue an Individual Identification Card.