When & Where to Visit

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Maine's state parks, mountains, farms and coast provide wonderful settings for fall leaf peeping. We've put together some suggestions for the best locations in each region of Maine, and when to visit each one for the best fall colors.

When & Where to Visit

Where to Visit

  • Southern (1) - Mid-Coast and South Coastal Maine, including Rockland, Camden, Portland, Kennebunkport and Kittery
  • Eastern (Downeast) (2 & 4) - Includes Houlton, Millinocket, Calais, Machias, Bar Harbor and Penobscot Bay
  • Central (3) - Central and Southwestern Maine, including Bangor, Augusta, and Fryeburg
  • Western (5) - Western Mid-Maine, including Greenville, Rangeley, and Bethel
  • Northern (6 & 7) - Northeastern & Northwestern Maine, including Fort Kent, Caribou and Presque Isle

When to Visit

Color progresses from north to south. Generally northern Maine is at or near peak conditions the last week of September into the first week of October. Central, and western mountains of Maine are at or near peak Indigenous Peoples' Day week/weekend. Coastal and southern Maine generally reach peak or near peak conditions mid-to-last October.

Please note that this is a generalization of when you might expect near peak or peak conditions in the above mentioned regions.

September 24 - October 6: Regions: Northern (Zones 6 & 7) , Zone 5 (Northern half)
Maine's hillsides are beginning to blush with more than half of the trees displaying fall colors. Leaf peep at locations like Aroostook State Park, Route 11, Eagle Lake Public Land, Mount Kineo and Rockwood. 

October 6 -13 : Regions: Western Maine (Zone 5)
This is the best week for peak color in central Maine. Fall foliage color is in full swing in western and central Maine: Visit Grafton Notch State Park, Route 17 near Richardson LakeBigelow Preserve, Route 27/16 in Carrabassett Valley, Cathedral Pines Rest Area in Eustis, Rangeley, the lookout from Eustis Ridge, Mt. Blue State Park in Weld, Tumbledown Mountain Range, Greenville, Moosehead, Jackman, Lily Bay State Park, Rockwood, Sebec Lake and Dover-Foxcroft.

October 14 - 20: Regions: Central Maine (Zone 3)Eastern (Zone 4)
Best week for peak color in western and southern Maine This is one of the peak weeks for leaf peeping as peak conditions are coloring Maine hillsides. Visit Fryeburg, Skowhegan, Farmington, Rumford, north of Portland and the greater Augusta area. 

October 21 - 27: Regions: Southern (Zone 1)Eastern Coast (Zone 2)
Best week for peak color in southern and coastal Maine. Find peak color south of Portland, Sebago Lake region, Bridgton, Limerick, Waterboro, Kennebunk, Kennebunkport, Wells and York.

Historical Peak Foliage Weeks

Past weekly foliage reports from the last 5 years are available. Reports are posted on Wednesdays.

Historical Peak Foliage Weeks 2018 - 2022 (5 year observation)
ZONE 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
1 10/10 - 17 **10/23 10/7 10/20 10/19
2 10/10 **10/23 10/7 10/20 10/12
3 10/10 10/9 9/30 10/13 10/12
4 *10/3 - 10 *10/2 - 16 9/30 10/13 10/19
5 10/10 10/9 9/30 10/6 10/5
6 10/3 10/2 9/23 10/6 10/5
7 10/3 10/2 9/30 10/6 10/5

* Represent peak conditions from north to south in zones 3,4 and 5 (north being the earlier date).
**Peak season occurred after last foliage report for season was released.