About Us

Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry (DACF), is Maine’s largest natural resource agency. It supports many land-based, natural resource interests, including: agriculture, forestry, outdoor recreation and public-access.

The DACF supports growth of Maines 21st-century natural resource economy by assisting in the creation of new jobs and businesses, improving and supporting existing land-based industries and streamlining regulations. It seeks to provide excellent customer service and facilitates a team approach to land-use planning, conservation efforts and economic activity. DACF professionals work each day to strengthen the base of scientific research and information for effective decision-making.

The DACF has a wide range of duties from protecting the food we eat, stopping forest fires, mapping the ocean floor; keeping our parks and public lands pristine and accessible, planning wise land utilization, and helping beginning farmers.

History of Maine's Foliage Reports

Reporting fall foliage conditions in Maine was the brainchild of Forestry Commissioner Austin Wilkins, who in 1959 had Maine Forest Service Rangers report the amount of color change and leaf drop weekly. Five weekly reports that started in mid-September and ended mid-October were radioed to forestry headquarters in Augusta, and then mailed or phoned to local reporters.

In 1996, foliage reports were on the internet, distinguishing Maine as the first state to post weekly conditions on the web.

In 1997, Maine was first again by posting fall foliage pictures sent in from Maine Forest Service and Maine State Park Rangers that documented current color conditions throughout the state. The website contained a color-coded regional map, indicating the foliage progression. Weekly reports are sent to subscribers electronically.

Today, Maine’s site reaches a worldwide audience and provides current foliage condition reports, a section of frequently asked questions, facts about Maine’s 17 million acres of forestland, and links to a variety of tourism and forestry partners. It is one of the most visited websites in Maine State Government, attracting visitors from around the globe.