Tips for Firewise USA Sites

Becoming a Firewise USA Site

Steps to achieve Firewise USA status

  • Work with the Maine Forest Service to complete a Community Wildfire Protection Plan
  • Form a Firewise USA board
  • Create a 2 - 3 year Firewise USA plan
  • Hold a “Firewise USA Day” each year
  • Invest $2 per capita in annual Firewise USA projects -
    (which can easily be obtained by completing a “brush chipping day” and a “Firewise USA Day”)

Advantages discovered by Maine’s Firewise USA sites:

  • Encouraged a positive change in local tree cutting ordinance
  • Positive public relations for MFS and Fire Dept.
  • Increased community awareness of - “Firewise” principles
  • A significant reduction in the amount of forest fuels near homes - defensible space video.
  • Familiarity with evacuation procedures - (in the event of a wildfire).

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