Shetterly, Susan Hand (1942 - )

Genre: Children's Literature, General Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry

Susan Hand Shetterly is a Blue Hill resident and has lived in Maine for over 40 years. She wrote for the now defunct Maine Times, contributes to magazines and poetry journals, and is the recipient of several writing fellowships and grants. Many of her works explore the world of nature and our interactions with the natural world.

Selected Bibliography

  • The New Year's Owl: Encounters With Animals, People & The Land They Share (1986)
  • The Dward Wizard of Uxmal (1990)
  • The Tinker of Salt Cove (1990)
  • Raven's Light (1991)
  • Muwin and the Magic Hare (1993)
  • Shelterwood: Discovering the Forest (1999) - named one of the Outstanding Children's Science Books by The National Science Teachers' Association in 2000.
  • Settled in the Wild: Notes from the Edge of Town (2010)