How to Stop Telemarketing Calls

You probably have received at least one telephone call from a company offering to sell or rent you a product or service. Some people appreciate these kinds of calls. Some people do not.

If you want to stop receiving telephone sales calls from for-profit companies, follow the instructions below to sign up for the new national "Do Not Call" list.

It is important to know that the Do Not Call list cannot stop calls from charities, religions, political organizations or certain other groups, or calls from businesses which already have an existing relationship with you.

Please visit the Attorney General's office for additional information regarding Do Not Call Lists.


Shenna Bellows
Secretary of State

Directions for registering for "Do Not Call" List

The new national "Do Not Call" registry is now available for consumers who do not want to receive telemarketing calls. To sign up for the Do Not Call list or for more information, visit the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) web site at .

After July 7, 2003, you may also register for the list by calling 1-888-382-1222. (TTY 1-866-290-4236)

If you signed up for Maine's state version of the "do not call" list before July 2, 2003, you do not need to register again for the federal list. Your information already has been sent to the FTC for inclusion on the national list.